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In this video, I'm sharing my Erythritol Simple Syrup Recipe, that does not crystallize, which I developed after starting the keto diet, and a low carb lifestyle!! (Recipe Below)

I'll then show you how to make my KETO MAPLE SYRUP, KETO SKINNY MARGARITAS, and KETO COFFEE SYRUP, using the keto simple syrup!! Enjoy!

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I fell in love with Erythritol, and attempted making a 1:1 ratio simple syrup (as you probably did too if you're watching this), and of course we know what happens. It doesn't work and crystallizes upon cooling. Not to be outdone by an alternative sweetener, I contact a chemist friend, who shared with me the highest ratio I could go with the erythritol, and I hacked out the rest.

What we have here is a thick and luscious simple syrup, complete with a homemade formula for thickening the solution, per your personal preference.

This recipe already went viral on my blog and I share more about the step by step process that I worked through (with photos) right here if you're interested. -

Erythritol Simple Syrup Recipe (Keto Simple Syrup Recipe):

1 c. water
1/2 c. erythritol (Anthony's Brand Preferred for Clear Results)
Sweet Drops (to taste, about 15-25 drops)
Xanthan Gum Powder - (a quarter of a quarter measuring spoon, or more)

Stir all of the ingredients together in a sauce pan. Whisk well. Heat and bring to a boil, boiling one minute. Cool and store in small mason jars.


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